Always Sunny: Charlie and Dee Find Love

I thought this was an excellent episode.  If you have not seen it, I guess you should stop reading, but if you watched, tell me what you thought.

Charlie and Dee meet a rich brother and sister.  It appears that this is a case of cruel intentions (or as it turns out in the end, Dinner for Schmucks).  Then there is a huge twist at the end, it turns out that the girl actually likes Charlie, but he was actually using her to make the Waitress jealous.

The other fantastic part of this was the way Dennis and Frank were trying to help Charlie.  Granted, it was in their own crappy way, but it was still hilarious.  Frank breaking into the Waitress’ apartment to put rat poison in her shampoo was awesome.

And then, in the end, Dennis exposes the loser brother for insider trading.  Honestly, I did not see anything like that coming.  Well done gentleman!  And seriously, I hope we get to see more of this Charlie, the brilliant strategist…

Oh, and there were plenty of other fantastic moments, such as:
-Dee’s drunken dance and then telling the guy they should hump
-Mac knowing what the guy is up to (or at least being told) and still falling into it.  Then looking like he was having gay sex.
-The Waitress taking Charlie back (at least up to 50 feet)
-Dee and Mac punching each other in the crotch, definitely looked pretty real

This was one of the harshest things ever said to a girl (and it comes from Charlie), also, was this the first time he has gotten laid on the show?

I was using you. That’s why I kissed you in front of the Waitress, and that’s why I banged you a bunch of times: to make the Waitress jealous. Amazing. You slept with me almost instantly—and by the way, a quality woman doesn’t do that. She doesn’t say yes right away, she says no to a man, for years, like ten years. That’s what a real woman does. You know what you were acting like? A stupid little rich slut.

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  1. I’m pissed because my cable decided to have fx not work last night for some reason – that was the only channel not working too! Gotta be a conspiracy

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