Baseball Prediction Results

The baseball season is over and it is time to look back at my predictions and see how I did.

NL East
I jumbled this division up a bit.  The Braves did finish in second, but that was all I got correct.  If the Phillies had not started off as terrible as they did, who knows, maybe they…well no, I doubt they would have won the division.  Johan Santana did not win 15 games (he was 6-9), but he did pitch the Mets first no-hitter ever, so I think I should get at least some credit for mentioning him.

NL Central
I was basically correct with this division, if you bump the Reds to first place and move everyone else down one.  I even made the concession that it would be a pretty tight race and anyone of the top three teams could win it.  I never thought the Pirates would contend for as long as they did and I was almost spot on with my record prediction of 77-85 (they went 79-83).  I also nailed my insane prediction of Matt Adams (from Philipsburg!) making it to the majors because of an injury to Berkman.

NL West
I nailed this division.  From top to bottom, I am just that good.  I also made a comment about the Dodgers needing an ownership group to come and excite the fan base.   That happened and now with their unlimited budget, the Dodgers may become the new Yankees.  I was so close in my IDP, Cahill had 13 wins and Kennedy had 15.

AL East
This one was pretty good if you swap the Orioles and Red Sox.  Who knew that Boston was going to be such a shitty team?  I also made a joke about Baltimore being terrible, so I get a negative for that one.  My bad.  I completely messed up the IDP too, oops.

AL Central
I was right that the division would be pretty bad, but I was wrong that the Tigers would run away with it.  For some reason, I always underestimate the White Sox.  I definitely did not get the IDP right, but it was funny, so whatever.  I was also wrong about the Royals record, they did not give Pirates’ fans hope.

AL West
I completely messed this one up.  Who would have guessed that the Athletics would be the team to win that division?  Seriously, the Angels and Rangers have so many good players, who plays for the A’s?  That one blew my mind all year.

About the only thing I got right with the playoffs was the Tigers losing in the World Series.  I really did not see the Giants being a team to advance at all.  Although, when I wrote that, I did not put much thought into the one game wildcard thing.  Now though, there will be much to consider.

I did not even come close in any of these ones.  Who would have predicted Dickey?  If someone said that he was going to win the Cy Young, they would have been slapped upside the head.  I did pick a Tiger to win the MVP, but not the right one.  Oh well.

Until next year when I can make more terrible predictions!