Boardwalk Empire: Two Imposters

This would have been a good episode to end the season on, but it was the next to last episode, which means the finale should be pretty damn awesome.  Here is what happened:

-Gyp’s men pay a visit to Nucky’s hotel.  They kill his men, but Nucky kills a few of them and is able to escape with a wounded Eddie.  Unfortunately, Gyp has taken over Atlantic City and is making his home at the Artemis Club.

-Nucky goes to Chalky for help, but he cannot be sure if Chalky will actually help since Gyp is offering a $25,000 reward for Nucky.  Gyp and Chalky’s meeting was pretty intense, I really kept thinking that it would end in a shoot out.

-Gillian continues to show why she is such a horrible human.  She makes fun of Richard, asking if his girlfriend is blind and then making a remark about him not being complete.  She is upset about the way Richard is becoming a father figure to Tommy.  She decides to kick him out of the Club.  We see him at the end packing up his large collection of weapons.

-Up in New York, Lucky tries to make a drug deal with some guys from Buffalo.  Meyer says he should not do it, but Lucky decides to go through with it anyway.  Turns out that the Buffalo boys were actually police.  I always find the scenes about Lucky interesting, since at some point he becomes the head of all the families and basically the leader of organized crime.

-The episode ends with Chalky’s men coming to the lumber yard where Nucky and Chalky are hiding out.  At first it seems like they have come to collect the bounty, but then Eli steps out and he has with him Al Capone and a bunch of Chicago boys.  Al says something like “we rode 18 hours straight to get here, we need some chow, then, you and I will sit down and talk about who dies.”  That was so awesome.

Remember back in season one when Al was the guy who just wanted someone to give him a chance.  Now he comes back to Atlantic City with an army to save Nucky.  Should be awesome to see them take down Gyp, who is allowing his men to run rampant through the Artemis Club (not such a classy place now, huh?).  I also wonder if Lucky will somehow take exception to Gyp moving in on his upscale whorehouse.  Maybe this will be the event that helps bring Lucky and Meyer against Masseria.

Oh, and something tells me that Richard is planning on going to war.  Will he join with Nucky, or is he about to declare his own war on Gyp’s men?  Either way, it should be awesome.