Political Stuff

With the election a few days away, I figured I would mention a few things.  First off, I have seen this video posted by at least five of my friends on facebook.

Ugh, what an idiotic video.  Seriously, do people actually believe the majority of this nonsense?  Yeah little girl, the country will be in much better shape with Mitt Romney in office.  Honestly, I think both candidates pretty much blow, but since there is no real third party candidate, I guess I will vote for the guy who is not a crazy Mormon, who likes to align himself with the anti-science crowd.

I have heard (and I have no idea where I heard this, so someone smarter than me, or with more time on their hands) that if you increase taxes on businesses, this does actually lead to jobs, because the business are forced to invest more in themselves and thus hire more people…I could be making this up, someone should probably check into it.  Not this guy, I am going back to bed soon.

I also liked this nice little graphic from FactCheck.org, you can go there and read the entire article, where they dive into each of the numbers.  Great information, not just the usual bullshit from one side or the other.

The one I really like is about the annual handgun production.  It is sad how many people think Obama is going to take away their guns.  I remember when Michael Dukakis ran for President in 1988 (I was 8 years old) and kids I went to school with would spout off stuff about how he was going to take guns away and we would never get a chance to hunt.

Then in 1992, I heard the same thing about Clinton, we would lose our guns and if Saddam Hussein attacked us, we would not have anything to protect ourselves.  And yet again, in 2012, I am reading posts on facebook from those same kids (now all grown up) saying that if reelected, Obama will take away their guns!

Are these people fucking idiots?  I am guessing the answer is yes.  Obama has been more gun friendly than Bush.  I feel like the NRA likes to stir this shit up in order to help the gun makers.  Here is what FactCheck had to say about guns:

Gun sales have boomed under Obama, who did not deliver on campaign pledges to restore the “Assault Weapons Ban” that expired in 2004 or to require background checks for guns sold by non-dealers at gun shows. Reliable statistics on total sales don’t exist, but U.S. makers of firearms do report figures on new weapons produced each year.

Production of new handguns — revolvers and automatic pistols — topped 3 million last year, an increase of 68 percent over 2008. One factor behind the surge may be a series of groundless rumors that the administration is moving to ban guns. Another factor may be a fear among gun fanciers, fanned by the National Rifle Association, of what Obama might do if reelected.

Do not worry though, I am not one of those assclowns who will say something like “if Romney wins, I am moving to Canada.”  First of all, I have no desire to live there, I hate winter here, imagine living in the frozen tundra.  Secondly, what the hell will really change in the majority of our lives?  Not a whole lot.  Gas prices will still suck, I will still pay a shit load of my hard earned money for taxes, and I will be stuck working until I am like 83 years old.

And yes, I am ready for the election to be over.