PSU vs. Indiana

The Place That Shall Not Be Named offered me four tickets to the Penn State/Indiana game and since Lindsey and I were both off, we gladly accepted and invited my brother and his girlfriend along.  We decided to go over about an hour before, but not tailgate, just go to a game sober and see what that is like.  It was a fun time.

Unfortunately, none of us dressed appropriately.  The weather was supposed to be around 50, which it was when you were in the sun, but our seats were in the shade and it was much cooler and a bit windy.  We were shivering like crazy!

Anyways, it was a great game and great seats (50 yard line), especially since PSU scored a bunch and we won pretty easily (minus the beginning of the game).  Indiana has a pretty high-speed offense, which goes no-huddle the entire time and makes their way up the field with a bunch of short passes.  It took Penn State a little bit to adjust, but once they did, the game was well under control.

It also did not hurt that Allen Robinson is freakin’ awesome, 197 yards and 3 TDs.  McGloin had a nice game as well, 395 yards and 4 TDs.  The bad part about the game was that Michael Mauti was injured and may miss the final game of the season.

Naturally, there were some pretty funny things about the game.  Mainly idiotic people near us.  Here are a few things I heard during the game that made me laugh.

-Calling players by their first name:  do not yell “Go Trevor!” when the guy receives a kickoff.  The only people who should call him Trevor are his parents.
-Yelling “Screen”:  This one cracks me up.  We had great seats, but still, we were 21 rows back, do you honestly think the defensive players can hear you screaming “SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN!!!”  They cannot.
-Get the passer:  This lady beside Lindsey kept saying this one.  She could not understand why the Penn State defense was not trying to get the passer.  She said it every single play.  I did not want to try and explain to her the difficulties of blitzing against an offense like this and how it would leave the middle of the field a little more open (they started blitzing the linebackers later and as soon as they did, Indiana started throwing across the middle, weird coincidence).
-Every time McGloin would throw a screen pass, someone would bitch about it.  During the Robinson touchdown, which was a screen, someone actually yelled “ugh, that play never works” and then when he broke free and scored, those same people say stuff like “great play!”
-The girl behind us needed punched in the face.  She spent ten minutes explaining to her family how she was stuck in line at the toll booth for an hour.  She said an hour at least 23 times.  I wanted to murder her.
-There was another guy who kept bitching about how bad McGloin sucks.  Any incomplete pass or when he got sacked, this guy would be screaming “get him out of there, he is terrible.”  Are you kidding me?  Who would they bring in?

After the game, we went to Applebees for some grub, then went to my mom’s house to hang out for a bit.  Lindsey and I came home and met up with Cortney and Thad (remember a wedding I went to?)  at the Woodside Grille in Johnstown.  We drank a few beers and then came home.  It was a pretty damn good day.  Enjoy some more pictures of our fun day.

We are terrible at taking pictures of ourselves.

Lindsey and Cortney


Lindsey was drinking something called a trashcan.  She was a bit drunk.