Rich People…

This time of year, you hear people complain about how much money professional athletes make, mainly because of the Winter Meetings and it being the time when baseball players sign new contracts.

It amuses me that people get upset about people who provide us some form of entertainment making that kind of money, because basically some rich dude is paying them.  If you want to get upset about people with insane amounts of money, think about the really rich people for a second.

Take Barbara Piasecka Johnson for example, she is worth a few billion dollars.  She spends a good bit of her money on helping children and being a good philanthropist.  Unfortunately, at times she likes to buy and sell expensive artwork.

She once bought the most expensive piece of furniture ever, something called the Badminton Cabinet for $15 million, she then sold it a few years later for $36 million to Prinz Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein.  Let that process for a moment…these people buy and sell furniture that costs more than a professional athlete makes in a year.

Honestly, we cannot even fathom what having that kind of money is like.  There are rich people out there and then there are these people.

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