SAMCRO, Boardwalk Explosions, and a Dead Wife

Needless to say, there were plenty of great things on television so far this week.  Where shall I start?  How about with…

Sons of Anarchy
-The most awkward thing ever had to be Otto smelling Tara’s arm and then jerking off, while crying.  I kept thinking he was going to grab her and either try to kill her, or rape her.  Seriously, that was probably the most creepy thing since Jimmy and his mom had sex on Boardwalk Empire.

-The club finally caught up with Frankie, even though it looked like Clay was going to get him first.  Unfortunately, the mobster shoots Frankie before the club can find anything out.  Seriously, it is ridiculous how all of these deus ex machina’s pop up when Clay is in trouble.

-I really do feel bad for Gemma.  Nero seems like a good dude and he goes out and buys birds for her.  Yet, Jax is forcing her to get back with Clay and try to find out his dirty secrets.  I really hope Nero does not bite the bullet now.

-Jax has figured out that Juice is the rat.  He follows him home and we get the sense that Jax might kill him, probably to hide Juice’s betrayal from the club.  Juice will probably plead with Jax and inform him that Frankie told him that Clay was in charge of the Nomads.  I honestly do not want to see Juice die.

Boardwalk Empire
-Andrew Mellon is going to help Nucky, as long as Nucky runs his distillery and bring in a profit.  Yeah, like Nucky will have a problem with that one.

-Gyp Rosetti decided to make good on his promise to kill everyone for his boss.  He tried to blow up the restaurant where Nucky, Lucky, and Rothstein were about to have dinner.  Instead, he blew up Nucky’s girlfriend, Billy and left those three gentlemen alive.  Uh oh…

-Margaret and Owen are still banging.  Nucky will find out, probably because she is buying diaphragms.  Maybe she can borrow some sponges from Elaine.

-Oh, and Nelson decided to take an iron to a guy’s face.  And his wife is actually a bootlegger.  What an odd change for that character.

The Walking Dead
-It was cool to see the sexual tension between Andrea and the Governor.  I like where this is going, also I like how he is trying to split Michone and Andrea apart.  I wonder if he will turn out like he did in the comics…

-I do not want to give too much away.  I really enjoy how far from the comic they are straying, but also still following the general idea.

For example (seriously, these are SPOILERS!!!!!!!!), Lori died in the comics when the Governor attacked the prison, but instead she died much sooner.  Thank you!  I hated her, as did most people, and I think her death will help move Rick and Carl into a different state.  Granted, they have already made Carl into a little bit of a badass, but now he can start to grow (I know this sounds weird, but the comic does a great job of making him seem like a bit of a sociopath). 

So yeah, I am glad we are done with her annoying face and her stupid questioning of everything Rick does and her shitty parenting.  Goodbye Lori.