Sons of Anarchy: Darthy

The episode was pretty good.  I loved the way they handled Clay and I like where things are going with the different story-lines finally coming together, but I am just tired of Jax and Tara.  Seriously, if someone killed them both and the show continued with Bobby and Chibs running things, it would probably be better.

Jax has now become as despicable as Clay.  He injected Wendy, the mother of his first son, with heroin because she threatened to tell the authorities about Abel being kidnapped.  No one would have believed her, nor would she have had any proof.  It just seemed like such a Clay thing to do…and yes, I get that the theme has been that the gavel corrupts.  Whatever.

I am sick of that stupid look on his face…

Also, if you read any websites, especially the comments, people do not seem to understand the Galindo Cartel.  Yes, Romeo is CIA, but they are not investigating the Cartel so they can arrest anyone.  The CIA wants to keep the Galindo Cartel in power, that way they have a cartel that basically runs Mexico and it is the cartel they control.  So many people comment about how the CIA should have arrested the IRA and whatnot.

I hope that Donal Logue’s character (Lee Toric) is the major villain for next season.  A retired U.S. Marshall who reads crazy French poetry and has a bunch of guns and medication in his hotel, yeah that is a guy I could actually root for to take out Jax and Tara.  Unfortunately, he will somehow be killed during the season finale.

I am excited for next week, but only because I am now rooting for Clay to succeed in setting up a new gun-running club with Tig and Juice as his boys, where they make frequent runs to supply Boyd Crowder and run into Raylan Givens…yeah, that would be cool.