Wards of Faerie

The newest Shannara book by Terry Brooks, which is the first in a new trilogy called The Dark Legacy of Shannara.  This one takes us back to the future, 100 years after the events of Straken.  I am happy to be back in this time because the mixture of new science and magic made the High Druid series very interesting.

There were some unexpected surprises in this one, such as the Ohmsford twins not being weak or constantly thinking they were out of their depth.  Instead, Redden and Railing are wild and excited about the prospect of an adventure.  Also, they seem to have a firm grasp on their wishsong ability, albeit a little unpracticed.  They remind me a bit of Wil Ohmsford, who did some pretty amazing things and did not seem like a weakling.

Anyways, this one definitely sets up a much bigger adventure, with the group being split apart and some of them stuck in the Forbidding (I saw this coming fairly early, kept hoping it would not be the case). 

It amuses me that basically science and regular people are the enemies in this time period.  It does not seem like the Druids do a very good job of using magic to help better the lives of the folks of the Four Lands, yet they are hell bent on preventing science from taking them back to the ways of man before The Great Wars (basically our time).

I look forward to the next book, although who knows when I will finally get to it.  I have Joe Abercrombie’s newest book to read, then some Wheel of Time books.  Busy times…

This is a cool picture that is included in the book.