A Bunch of Videos…

I am tired.  I could not sleep last night for some reason (it had nothing to do with the humidity being somewhere around the level of Venus last night) and after a long day of work and watching the Steelers beat the Ravens, well I have decided to post some funny videos and then head to bed.  And yes, that was a ridiculously long sentence.

From what I understand this is a little bit older, but definitely awesome to watch (even if it is fake).

I got this from Robert Cargil’s facebook.  Just made me laugh a little bit.

Apparently, my friend Steve works with this dude.  I guess you could say the guy is decent, if you ever wanted to listen to Christian Rap.  Not my cup of tea…

Okay, I will pay someone $20 if they can tell me who the hell the actor is that plays Rob.  I feel like I have seen him somewhere before, but cannot place him.

And on that note, I am done.  Goodnight everyone (and yes, it is 8:33)…

DISCLAIMER:  I will not pay anyone any money whatsoever.  Sorry.


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