Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead Finales

Boardwalk Empire
All season has been setting up with the final showdown between Gyp and Nucky.  The finale provided us with the result of that confrontation.  The first few minutes was a montage of men from both sides getting killed.

Then Nucky does what he does:  he makes deals.  At first it seems like Micky is selling Nucky out to Rothstein, but then we realize that Micky was calling AR because Nucky told him to and Nucky makes a comment about needing huge bait for a huge rat.

Basically, Rothstein tells Nucky that he will get Masseria to stop supporting Gyp if Nucky gives him 99% control of the Overholt Distillery.  Nucky also informs Andrew Mellon that some unsavory types are illegally using his distillery.  In one fell swoop, Nucky gets Masseria off his back and takes Rothstein out of the picture.  Oh and after Masseria’s men leave, Capone and Chalky ambush them anyway.  A little message for Masseria.

While all this is happening, Richard decides to pay a little visit to Gyp.  He must have been waiting for his opening and when the men leave, he goes in shooting.  He goes on a fantastic kill spree (probably one of the greatest in television history) and rescues Tommy.  Unfortunately, he may have lost any chance he had with Julia after bringing her the boy and she sees him covered in blood.

Here are some gifs of Richards rampage:

Gyp escapes and ends up on the beach with his right hand man.  He rambles on about starting over somewhere and then the right hand man stabs him in the back.

So…where will that leave us for next season?
-Something tells me that Capone will be seen as the true power in Chicago and Torio may have to take a seat.
-Lucky and Meyer will get their revenge on Rothstein, maybe they take over his operation when Esther Randolf comes a-callin’.
-Nucky wants to be in the shadows, an anonymous man.  Did he get rid of his carnation or not wear it when he was on the boardwalk?  I must have missed that.
-Margaret will do something.  Maybe.  Probably not.
-I hope that Richard somehow joins up with Nucky and Eli.  Or ends up with Julia.  I would like him to be happy.  Either with her, or killing folks.
-Chalky will have the best damn Negro-club in Atlantic City.  Or he and Capone will get into what would have been the best fight ever.  I wonder if Chalky will take over the role of “head gangster” in Atlantic City?  If Nucky wants to remain in the shadows, he could use Chalky…or maybe not, I doubt most other gangsters would deal with a black man.

The Walking Dead
Okay, so some stuff happened.  This was not the actual finale, but instead the last episode until the show comes back in February.  It was okay, there were some great moments, but then there were some real oddities.

Allow me to start with the good stuff:
-We finally get Tyreese, and he carries a hammer.  Good.
-Carl is seriously much better this season than he has been in the comics.
-Some good action scenes.
-Creepy prisoner hitting on Beth.

Okay, so that was the good stuff, onto the bad stuff, or the stuff that pissed me off.
-Michone:  In the comic, she comes back for revenge on the Governor because he raped her over and over again.  He forces Glen to listen.  I really thought that was what he was going to do to Maggie last episode.  Instead, they took that out of the equation.

But, they still have Michone come back for vengeance.  If you think about it though, she comes off like a crazy bitch.  Yes, she finds his fish tank full of heads and chained up daughter…but whatever.  She never knew about that stuff before and she had some theory about him not allowing people to leave.  In fact, the show did a terrible job of making us hate the Governor.

-Andrea is such a waste.  She is always whining and wanting everyone to allow her do more.  “I am good with a gun.”  Yet, she never hit anyone!  She had some pretty good shots at a few folks.  Oh wait, Rick’s team cannot be hit by bullets.

-It is quite obvious that the Governor is going to allow Merle to help Daryl escape and head back to the prison.  Once there, Merle will be the mole inside the prison when the Governor makes his attack.  I hope Daryl is not stupid enough to fall for it.

Needless to say, I was not all that impressed with this episode.