NFL Rankings

Imagine if the BCS ran things for the NFL.  How would the rankings look at this point in the year? 

1.  Patriots
2.  Texans
3.  Falcons
4.  Broncos
5.  49ers
6.  Ravens
7.  Packers
8.  Colts
9.  Giants
10. Bears
11. Seahawks
12. Vikings
13. Cowboys
14. Steelers
15. Bengals
16. Redskins
17. Rams
18. Jets
19. Buccaneers
20. Dolphins
21. Browns
22. Saints
23. Bills
24. Chargers
25. Panthers
26. Eagles
27. Titans
28. Lions
29. Cardinals
30. Raiders
31. Jaguars
32. Chiefs

Granted, the Patriots have more losses than the Falcons and Texans, but those losses came early in the season.  Next week will be a good one, since the Broncos take on the Ravens and the Colts play the Texans.  The Falcons play the Giants and the Patriots meet up with the 49ers. 

Since my brother is a Broncos fan, I will let him know what needs to happen for his team to have a chance in the national championship game.  He should probably be rooting for the Patriots from here on out and hope that the Texans and Falcons both lose.  If the 49ers beat the Patriots though, it could cause the 49ers to jump the Broncos, depending on how certain polls treat a tie.

The Steelers are out of the national championship hunt, but they could be looking at a BCS Bowl game.  If they win out and the Ravens lose out, they could play in the Fiesta Bowl.  If the Ravens win one game though, the Steelers will be headed to a mid-tier bowl like the Liberty or Gator Bowl.

I might have to do this every week…