Sons of Anarchy: J’ai Obtenu Cette

Last season’s season finale pissed me off when it was revealed that the Cartel was actually CIA and I figured since I complained a bit about how that finale was weak, I should probably mention that this finale was excellent.

-Otto bit off his own tongue instead of talking to the investigators.  Toric sat there and watched and I believe he will be the bad guy for next season.  We learned that he went to Harvard, has Special Forces training, was highly accommodated, and also punished for excessive violence.

-Jax shoved a bad guy’s face into a bucket of nails. That was so painful to watch.  Also during that scene, the guys broke up a dog-fighting ring and Tig rescued a wounded pitbull.

-The Damon Pope situation was finally solved.  Jax takes Tig to be executed and when Pope takes him inside a building, Jax grabs a silenced-gun from his bike and takes out the guard.  He then goes inside and kills Pope’s men.  He gives Tig the gun and Pope is executed.  Tig looks and realizes that this is Clay’s gun.

Later, Sheriff Eli and his men respond to the shooting and Jax calls him to inform him where the gun is hidden.  Clay is arrested for the murder of Pope.  He asks Gemma to back him up that he was at home all day and she sits down and says “he left for a few hours, took the gun and said he had to settle a few things.”

I actually felt bad for Clay, he seemed like he legitimately wanted to just go to Ireland and spend some quality time with Gemma.  He also explained to Juice how he knew it was him that looked for the papers from the safe and that Clay forgave him.  Juice tried to warn him at first that he needed to get out of there.

Pope’s second in command, Marks said he wants Clay killed before the preliminary hearing.  We see Clay at the end, inside a van being transported to jail, surrounded by a few black guys (not saying that all black guys on their way to jail are murderers, but I think Sutter was trying to let us know that Clay’s life was in danger).

-The big ending was pretty shocking as well.  Jax comes home and finds Tara with all of her living will stuff and she informs that she is taking her sons to Oregon and working there.  If he loves his sons and her, he will leave the club and follow.  Jax does some serious nostril flaring and then there is a knock at the door.

Eli is there to arrest Tara for conspiracy to commit murder.  Earlier, when Gemma found out about Oregon, she threatened Tara, saying that if she tried to leave Charming, Gemma would call the police and inform them that Tara asked her for the crucifix and that she planned to give it to Otto so he could commit a murder and get out of RICO.

As Tara is taken to jail, Jax is holding his son and Gemma comes in and places a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.  The question is whether or not Gemma actually called the police and whether she told Jax first.  As the episode ended, we see those papers torn apart and in the garbage.  Jax did not seem to be shocked when Tara told him her plan.

I wonder if Gemma came to him after she heard his conversation with Nero (he told Jax that he would stay in the life for as long as Jax did).  I think she told Jax about Tara’s plan and then informed him that she would take care of it.  I guess we will wait until next season to find out whether Jax knew and/or told Gemma to do it.

So yes, many things happened and I am excited for next season.  Or for the start of Justified