The Best of 2012: My Version

Yep, it is that time of the year where everyone starts doing their best of the year lists and whatnot.  I have not done one in awhile and mine were usually pretty shitty.  So instead, I am going to have a little fun with this one.

Best Book:  I only read seven books this year.  That is pretty low for me.  Of those books, only three of them came out in 2012, but screw that shit.  Which one of those seven was the best?  That is a tough choice, but after some careful consideration, I decided it was The Wind Through the Keyhole.  Such an awesome book.

Best Movie:  I did not get out to see enough movies this year.  I think The Avengers nudges out The Dark Knight Rises.  Although, I might go see a movie tomorrow that could beat both of them.  Anyone have a guess?

Best TV Show:  I thought about this for a good bit, which show did I look forward to the most each and every week.  Breaking Bad was pretty damn great, but c’mon Game of Thrones had some fantastic moments each and every week.  A dwarf hacking off a man’s leg…that is great television.

Best City:  I visited four cities this year:  Cleveland, Baltimore,Fort Lauderdale, and Pittsburgh.  The Inner Harbor of Baltimore was very cool (although, I watch The Wire, so I know that Baltimore is not really like that).  I really only saw a small part of Cleveland, which was very nice.  Fort Lauderdale was okay, but seriously, is there a better city than Pittsburgh?  I didn’t think so!

Best Restaurant:  Lindsey and I ate at a bunch of restaurants, but the best by far was The House of Blues in Cleveland.  They had this amazing spicy corn chowder that was absolutely fantastic.  I actually have dreams about eating again.  I honestly cannot even remember what my meal was, but I remember that soup.

Best Sports Team:  The Pittsburgh Pirates.  Clearly.  At least they played a game this season and the last memory of them is not getting beat by the Fliers.  Oh right, the Steelers…dickheads lost to the Broncos and then had a terrible season this year.  The Pirates played decent for awhile, then had a huge collapse.  At least they made me happy.

Best Comic:  I do not even think I read one this year.  In fact, fuck comics.  Screw the stupid reboots.  Screw mega-crossovers, piss on those major events, and to hell with multiverses.  I am done.  I might try to pick up something in the future, but who knows.

Alright, that does it for my best of list.  If you think you know better, get your own damn blog…or tell me how you feel in the comments.