Lousy Reporters

I was thinking about something that struck me as a bit odd.  In the Superman comics, Lois and Clark are both reporters for the Daily Planet.  It occurs to me that they were sometimes doing very odd reports.  There would be issues where Clark would have to do a story about Bruce Wayne (allowing for a fun Batman/Superman team-up).

Why the hell would Clark be covering events that would be found in the business section?  Also, Lois does big expose stories, like bringing down Lex Luthor, but again, why is she covering a new prototype space shuttle?  That should be found in the technology section.

You would think in a world with superheroes that you would have reporters assigned to just covering those sorts of stories.  I could understand that being Lois and Clark’s focus, but then how would that afford them the big world-changing stories that earn them Pulitzers?

And yes, these are the weird things I think about late at night.

One thought on “Lousy Reporters

  1. I always wondered other stuff. Like, does Rogue of the Xmen have a white stripe on her bush? Or Storm of Xmen, is hers white? And did Mr Fantastic ever explore the option of penis growth/stretching while involved in sex with the Invisible Woman?

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