Merry Christmas!

Today is Orthodox Christmas.  My mom’s family is from Russia and therefore they celebrate this most holy of days.  When I was a small child (or up until I was 18), we had two Christmas’ each year.  Woo-hoo!  All I really remember was having dinner on Christmas Eve, I think there was fish sticks, pierogies, and prunes.

You may ask yourself, how come those people celebrate Christmas at a different time?  Well, it just so happens that those Orthodox folks still use the Julian calendar, whereas your regular Christians use the Gregorian calendar.  I am sure there are a multitude of other reasons for this difference, probably stemming from the split of the church due to the Great Schism and other outside political pressures.

Unfortunately, this is now the 21st century.  These people need to suck it up and start using the same calendar as the rest of us.  Oh wait, most Orthodox groups have converted over, just a few silly splinter-cells that like to be difficult.  Obviously, which calendar you worship the imaginary man in the sky is quite important.

Anyways, for the 33 people out there celebrating Christmas today, hope you enjoy it!