Obviously I have been crazy busy since I have not been able to post much in the past few days.  I figured it would be a good time for a quick life update.

-The receiver for my surround sound system stopped working recently.  It seems to be a power source problem, so I changed the cord and it did not help.  I took it to Best Buy (why do I always go there?) and the guy said that it would cost $35 to ship it and probably over a $100 or more to fix.  Obviously the guy was just trying to get me to buy a new one.  I will take it to another place for a second opinion.

-We have been looking for a new place, but with no success.  We like this one place in Duncansville, but it is a little expensive.  There is another place that will be available to look at soon, but by then, the first place might not be available anymore.  Also, the second place has a one time $700 pet fee, whereas the other place has a $200 fee and you pay $25 per month.  If we are there for more than a year, the $700 is actually worthwhile.

Oh yeah, Lindsey and I will probably get a dog at some point.  Hence the other reason it has been difficult to find a place to live.  Nowhere allows pets.  We did find a shitty place that was at least very entertaining to walk through.  The guy was a complete redneck, he told us that everyone in the neighborhood has dirt bikes and four-wheelers and they like to ride them up and down the street after work and during the weekends.  He also told us that we could take a box fan and attach it to the ceiling and run an extension cord…”instant air-conditioning”.  He cracked me up.

-The drive to work has not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be, even with all the snow.  I am almost finished with The Way of Kings and I have to say that I am definitely enjoying the book.  I do make it a point to come home though and look up some of the characters and places to see how they are spelled and to look at the map that would have been included in the book.  I do not know why I am always so fascinated by the spellings of names.

-Speaking of work…it has been going quite well so far.  And yes, that is all I will mention about work.  Okay, I think you are all caught up with my life.