The Way of Kings

I recently finished the first book in the Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.  Okay, so technically I listened to the audiobook, but whatever, it was still highly enjoyable.  The only complaint I had about the audiobook was the lady who read the female chapters, her attempts at trying to sound witty for Shallan come out very robotic.  That was the only complaint I had on the audio aspect.

As far as the book is concerned, I honestly had no complaints about it.  It was action-packed and mixed with enough interesting history/mythology to keep me intrigued during the non-action sequences.  Sometimes in fantasy novels, the history or mythology is so obvious that it just annoys me, but in this book, there have been plenty of surprises for me.

The scenes of Szeth assassinating someone are probably some of the coolest fight scenes I have ever read (listened to) in a book.  His constant changing of gravity and use of his “lashings” reminded me of the opening scene in X2, where Nightcrawler attacks the President.  Not that Szeth can teleport, but it seems like Sanderson has fully realized that someone with that ability would be almost unstoppable (whereas in comics, writers have a tendency to not think through super powers to their fullest).

I look forward to the next book in the series, which has not been released yet if I understand correctly.  I definitely recommend picking up this series (especially if you are a fan of Sanderson’s work on The Wheel of Time series).

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  1. Hmm. Good recommendation. I’ll keep this one in mind. At present, I’m 65% through A Memory of Light and I CANNOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN.

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