The Wire Seasons 4-5

I finished the final two seasons of The Wire the other night.  It was as good as people claimed.  There was an emotional roller coaster as we watch the characters go through highs and lows.  These two seasons focused on the school system and the media, all while still being wrapped around the main characters.

The way the series wrapped up was spectacular.  The idea that “the game” in Baltimore (and by extension, America) is nothing, but a vicious cycle.  We see the younger characters growing up and taking over the roles of the characters from before.  We see Dukie doing drugs and helping collect scrap (like Bubbles), Michael becomes a stick-up boy (like Omar), Cydnar is meeting with the judge complaining about how the commissioner will not allow him to do proper police work (like McNulty), Carcetti forces Daniels to “juke” the stats for the election (like Royce and Burrell)…the cycle never ends.

Some of the great moments from those two seasons:
-Omar’s death.  That seriously made me jump when he took a bullet.  I just did not think he would ever die.
-Bodie being shot by Michael.  I liked both characters, but did not want to see Bodie die.
-McNulty going back to his woman.  I was happy that he did not give up on her and that relationship.
-Major Colvin taking Namond away from Wee-bey and the boy turns out alright by the end of the series.
-I loved seeing Method Man take a bullet because of his involvement in Prop Joe’s death.

Okay, there were many more moments too, but those are just a few of them.