A Simple Plan

Last February I unleashed phase two of the betterfication (I am shocked that this is not a word) of my body.  I had already given up smoking and I wanted to make it my goal to quit drinking Mountain Dew and to basically cut out as much high fructose corn syrup from my diet as possible.

The results were remarkable, I lost around twenty pounds.  I am not going to lie, I have more urges to drink a Mountain Dew than I ever have an urge to smoke.  In fact, I cannot stand the smell of smoke anymore.  There was still a point after I had quit that I would smoke when drinking, but the last bunch of times we went out, I have been disgusted at places that allow smoking.  So yay for me!

One of the problems I noticed from not drinking Dew was that I was getting major withdrawals from the lack of caffeine.  So, I started drinking more coffee, but unfortunately, I put in a ton of sugar.  Yeah, what a trade-off.  In fact, for one cup of coffee, I usually use 6-8 packs of sugar.

I realized that this was probably not so healthy, so I am forcing myself to cut back.  I now use three packs of sugar and my goal is to get it down to one pack in the next few weeks.  Maybe someday I can drink my coffee black (doubt it).

Anyways, this also reminded me that I have yet to begin phase three of betterfication (seriously, this should be a word).  I always say that I am going to start working out again.  I cannot afford (time mostly, but also money as well) to join a gym at the moment.  Also, I feel if I try to do P90X again, it will either kill me, or discourage me.

So, here is my plan:  I will do sit-ups and push-ups everyday.  And to start I will keep it easy, do a small amount each day and try to increase that number a little bit.  Yes, this will take time to build up to, but I think this is much better than trying what I have done before:  do a ton of each for a few days, but then get sore and decide to take a few days off and never start again.  Also, I will track it via a spreadsheet and give updates on here every so often.  For some reason when I decide to make something a feature on here, I tend to stick to it.

Also, once spring arrives, I would like to start running.  Okay, jogging slowly and probably walking the majority, but whatever, it will be a start.  Hopefully when we find a new place to live, the land will be a little flatter and less mountainous like it is here on Mount Doom.

I bet most of you thought this post was going to be about the Billy Bob Thornton film

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  1. Good for you on the smoking & Mountain Dew! Good luck with exercise. Hopefully, warmer weather in the next few months will help so you can do more outdoor activities.

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