After the Virginia Military Games…

This is something new I plan on doing every so often.  I will take a movie and write about where they are nowadays.  No, not the actual actors, but the characters.  My blog, my idiotic ideas.

Major Payne
This is such a silly movie and I have no idea why my family loves it so much.  I recently watched it again, and it was funny, but most members of my family can quote a majority of the movie.  Unfortunately, what happened after the Virginia Military Games?  Well let me tell you.
Major Benson Winifred Payne
The Major stayed on at the school for the next eighteen years.  He eventually married Emily and together they adopted and raised young Tiger.  Madison Prep became one of the most well-respected ROTC programs in the country, becoming a pipeline for young cadets to enter the various military academies (such as West Point).    

 During his time there, Benson would also take classes at a local college, earning his PhD and in the past year been promoted to the principal.  Over time he has lightened up a little bit, but not so much.  He still runs a very tight ship and many educators around the country have emulated his system.

Emily Walburn
Benson and Emily married in 1996.  They have remained happily married for the past seventeen years.  They adopted Tiger and had two children of their own.  In 1999, she decided to leave Madison and ended up getting a job as a guidance counselor at a public high-school near Madison.

She left Madison because she felt that her empathetic nature could be better suited for a broader student base, especially with the success found at Madison, she wanted to try and bring that approach to the public schools.  It did not go as well.  And she is now quite bitter about her career.

Alex J. Stone
Alex went to West Point and graduated at the top of his class.  He has served in the United States Army since 1997.  He is a Lieutenant Colonel and many believe that he is earmarked for General if he keeps on his current track.

He saw action in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  He has expressed interest to his mentor, Benson, that he might run for political office at some point.  He hopes that the trouble he caused as a teenager will not come back to haunt him.

Cadet Wuliger
Things did not go so well for Wuliger.  He graduated from Madison Prep and decided to join the Marines.  He served his four years and decided to go to work with his father as a mason.

He has a bit of a drinking problem though and finds himself always in trouble with the law.  He is currently in jail for his fourth DUI.  Way to go Wuliger!

Cadet Dotson
The traitorous dickbag.  He would later become a stockbroker.  He was part of Goldman-Sachs when the banks failed.  He ended up hanging himself and it was discovered that he enjoyed trips to Thailand in order to, well I am sure you have heard the reports…what a dick.

Cadet Heathcoat

The poor fat kid of the group.  He tried hard, but never could lose that excess weight.  In college though, he found body building.  He has won multiple strong-man competitions.  Heathcoat has been married three different times and has four children.  He works at a salvage yard when he is not at the gym working out.

Kevin “Tiger” Dunne
Benson and Emily adopted Kevin, better known as Tiger.  Things went moderately well for him as a young boy and even as an early teen.  He did quite well in school, but then he started to rebel, as most young boys are wont to do.  It did not help that his adopted father was very strict.

Tiger ran away when he was 17 years old.  He moved to Baltimore and started working the corners there.  A man named Michael shot him during a stick-up over the drugs.  Tiger tried to stop Michael from stealing the stash, but was shot in the face.  Unfortunately, the Payne family has no knowledge of this since the body was never identified.  Sad times.