NFL Pick ‘Em: Super Bowl Edition

Last week I was 1-0, with the 49ers/Falcons game being a push.  My overall record is 141-121 and 135-111 in the league.  I believe the 49ers will win and cover the spread.  I am not going to mention any of the prop bets this year because in all honesty, I do not give a shit about this game.

I do not want the 49ers to win because they will have as many Super Bowls as the Steelers, but I also cannot stomach the idea of the Ravens winning.  Plus, I cannot imagine how many times the announcers will mention the Harbaugh family.

I saw this map over at Sean’s site and wanted to make a mention of it.

I love seeing the random pockets of Steelers fans all over the country, especially in the odd parts.  Like who knew there was a large cluster of us up in Oregon or that most of South Carolina is Steeler Country.  Makes me proud…