Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen

I finished listening to these three books by Garth Nix.  They were fairly short compared to the other books I have listened to so far.  The great thing is that it was read by Tim Curry, who did some fantastic voices.

The books were quite different than the majority of fantasy I normally read.  There were very few characters, it was basically the exact opposite of any of the Wheel of Time books.  Also, the books had a completely different take on death.  Death is a scary place for most people, but for the Abhorsen, it is just another place and it is a natural part of life.

I would say that a bit of the plot twists were fairly predictable, but they were pulled off quite well.  Also, some of the action scenes were pretty intense.  When Sabriel is being chased to her father’s house and the Mordicant is chasing her, my heart was beating pretty hard.

These three books would probably be perfect to make into movies.  Like I said, not a lot of characters, plenty of action.  Cool magic fight scenes, you can also picture the battles where Charter magic is flying all over the place and the Abhorsen is ringing bells. 

If they ever make them into movies, I demand that Tim Curry do the voice of Mogget.  Mogget was easily my favorite character.  His smartass comments and the fact that half the time you cannot tell if he wants the group to win or die.

Now I am done with all of my audiobooks and need to find some more.  Also, I recommend doing the audiobook thing if you drive a good bit.  It makes the drive so much easier.