THON 2013

I was interested to noticed that over the course of six years writing this blog, I have never mentioned anything about THON.  If you do not know what it is, then I suggest clicking the link and reading a little about it.  Another fun fact is that during my time at Penn State, I never attended the event.  I have no real reason, I mainly worked during that time and to be honest I was a bit of dick about charity things.

I am older now, and for some reason as one matures they can start to appreciate the hard work put in by all the people who are involved with the event.  For example, The Place That Shall Not Be Named donated 165 dozen cookies.  That was one day after Valentine’s Day, when we were expected an arseload of cookies.  We accepted the challenge and my people worked around the clock (or until closing time) and were able to beat our V-Day cookie goal, but also to complete the donation without a single problem.

I was invited to stop by TPTSNBN’s suite at the Bryce Jordan Center in order to check out the dancers.  It was a bit inspiring to see that many students there in support.  I expected there to be a bunch of people out on the dance floor, but the actual stands were packed with people there cheering them on.  In fact, there was a line a few blocks long of people waiting to get inside!  It blew my mind.

So to all those people out there who worked hard to make THON 2013 a success, I commend you and hope you meet your goal of $11 million raised.

Here is a video of the band that was playing, they were not terrible, but they were way too loud…

And a few pics I took…