Thoughts on the Oscars

The Oscars were last night and for the first time in years, I actually watched the whole thing.  I hate awards shows.  I hate the stupid hosts, who make lame jokes and I hate the performances by musical acts that I generally dislike.  Hell, most of the time the awards are never given to the best of anything, just what everyone thinks should win at the moment.  Anyways, here are my thoughts on the whole thing:

-Seth MacFarlane was a great host.  He made fun of the show and the actors, but still had a certain amount of respect for the whole thing.  His jokes toward the end about how long the show was taking were funny, but my favorite joke of the night was his John Wilkes Booth joke and when the crowd gasped, he pulled the “what, this is too soon?”  His reaction was hilarious.

-Where the hell was the wrap it up music during Anne Hathaway’s rambling mess of an acceptance speech?  Or do they only use that music for the categories no one gives a shit about?

-How does a category like sound editing end in a tie?  What the hell is sound editing?  There were five nominees and the Academy could not decide on one.  Seems so stupid.

-Yesterday, someone asked me what I thought would win Best Picture.  Without having seen any of the movies except for Django Unchained, I said Lincoln.  I felt like everyone was hopping on the Argo bandwagon and that the Academy would love to give everyone something to bitch about.

I was wrong.  Although, how does a film win best picture, yet not have the director or actor nominated? I am not saying that Argo did not deserve to win, but it just seemed like the Academy really wanted to kick Ben Affleck in the balls.  “Hey we loved your movie, but we hate you.”

-How much drugs were Kristen Stewart and Renee Zellweger on or are they both unable to read?  Zellweger looked like she was about to fall over when the Chicago cast was there to read the card.

-I felt bad when Jennifer Lawrence tripped, I do not think her’s was anything to do with drugs, just over excitement.  She did recover nicely though by saying that everyone was only standing because she fell down.

-Daniel Day-Lewis was pretty funny when accepting his 203rd Best Actor award.  It was pretty obvious from the moment it was announced that he would be playing Abraham Lincoln that he was going to win.  I would like to see him as Margaret Thatcher though, would have been interesting.

-The first year in awhile that I did not do a pool and I would have done pretty well.  Lindsey was amazed at how many I kept getting correct.  Probably because the Academy is very predictable.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Oscars

  1. Sound mixing is for sound that is recorded on set, while sound editing represents all the post production sound added, generally speaking. And since oscar winners are determined pretty much strictly by personal ballots form a relatively small number of people, its actually surprising ties don’t happen more often.

    1. Thank you Gideon. I actually knew the difference in the two, just being funny.

      There should not be a tie. If the voting ends in a tie, then they should redistribute the ballots with just those that are tied on it and have them vote again. Not that hard of a problem to solve.

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