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The new season of Justified has been awesome, as expected.  I thought that Lindsey would just be a passing fad, but then she turns out to have a pretty interesting past.  I absolutely loved the showdown with her former husband.  Raylan shooting him with a shotgun loaded with bean-bag shells was fantastic.

The overall story has been the dead guy in the parachute and the diplomatic bag hidden in Arlo’s house.  This has some connection to the beginnings of drugs in Harlan County.  It has also been the source of a great on-going joke “Marshall stiffy.”

I am also looking forward to where Boyd’s story is going.  Will that sister decide to fight back or will her story end now that her brother is out of the picture?  Or will the majority of Boyd’s story involve his dealing with Wynn Duffy (or with Johnny’s betrayal)?  As long as nothing happens to his hair.

This season has been alright for the most part.  I have enjoyed that Dean came back from Purgatory as an even more badass than he normally is and that he now has a vampire friend.  I hate the whole him and Sam fighting with each other thing.  Dean is mad because Sam quit hunting and met a woman?  Yet, when Sam was stuck with Michael and Lucifer, Dean spent the year with his woman.

And Sam has been all pissed that Dean is friends with Benny.  I get why, since Dean did kill that girl who was Sam’s friend, but she was some kind of monster, but that whole story has gotten old and I am glad they decided to move away from it (at least I hope).

The previous week’s episode was hilarious.  We got to see them inside the world of LARPing, which as much fun as I want to make fun of those people, it looks absolutely awesome.  Dean even makes fun of it at first, but by the end, he wants to stick around and help them in battle.  Also, the episode saw the return of Felicia Day.

Last night’s episode was a little odd.  It was another time-travel episode.  They are paid a visit by Henry Winchester, their grandfather, who they thought abandoned their father as a child.  Turns out that he did not, he went to the future.  And it turns out that he is some kind of keeper of ancient mysteries.

Apparently he was in some kind of mystical order that battled demons and what not.  He could use magic and even harness the power of his soul (like angels do).  If he would not have went to the future, John would have learned these secrets too and apparently Dean and Sam as well.

At first I hated the idea that their grandfather was into this business as well, but as the episode progressed, I grew to like Henry and could actually see him sticking around and teaching them some new things.  Especially when Dean realized that if he went back and saved the day, that he could eliminate them.  Maybe I am just a sucker for the man-from-the-past trying to adapt to our era comedy.

Unfortunately, Henry dies at the end of the episode as they stop some demon named Abaddon.  She is apparently a Knight of Hell, which were all killed except for her and that she was one of the first demons.  It did not really make sense though since Lucifer was basically a myth to all the demons until he was free from his cage.  Also, why didn’t the boys just call up Castiel to come help kill a super-demon?  I hope that they come upon another one of these Knights.

I enjoy this show.  I love how they have taken some minor DC villains and reinvented them for TV.  Also, enjoying the interesting island backstory.  I especially dig that Oliver is a captain in the Russian mob, which he has used twice now.  What happened to him in those five years that he was gone?  I cannot wait to find out.

I could do without Thea, but I am not nearly as full of hate as most fans of the show.  She is whiny and makes poor decisions, but I feel like there will be a payoff from that.  Eventually she will figure out Ollie’s secret and offer to help him.  Also, I really enjoy the silly lies that Oliver tries to tell Felicity about whatever he needs help with and that she pretty much called him out on it.  Hopefully she becomes a more central part to the show.

Come on, Timothy Olyphant on an episode of Archer?  Do I need to say more?

So yeah, I have watched some other shows, but those are the ones that have stood out recently.  I tried to watch Legit, but found it to be a bit stupid (even though I think Jim Jeffries is hilarious).  Also, I am going to watch The Americans in a little bit, which looks pretty good.

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