2013 Baseball Predictions

This is always one of my favorite posts of the year.  Some years I do an okay job, other years I am completely wrong.  I wonder how this year will turn out…

AL East
Blue Jays
Red Sox

I feel like the Blue Jays are the popular pick, but I can see a few of those players not repeating the numbers they put up last season.  I still do not believe that the Orioles were that good last year.  The Yankees could be good, but seriously, they are getting ancient.  The Red Sox are just a mess, who knows how good they will be.  The Rays just keep doing whatever it is they do, winning somehow.  Oddly, I could see this division being very tight and all the teams having a winning record (or at least close to winning).

Insane Division Pick:  David Price is traded during the season and the Rays still win the division.

AL Central
White Sox

Wow, this is such a bad division.  Yet, somehow it will be close all season.  The Tigers should be able to run away with it this year.  I believe the Royals will see some better production from Hosmer and Moustakas this season.  This division is seriously the antithesis of the East.

Insane Division Pick:  Chris Sale wins less than 10 games this year.

AL West

The Angels continue to add talent, now with Josh Hamilton.  The Rangers lost a few key players, but are still a very good team.  If the A’s can repeat some of those performances from last year, they could once again compete to win this division.  The Mariners are getting better.  The Astros…are seriously god awful.

Insane Division Pick:  The Astros lose 110 games this season.  They are just so damn bad.  They trade away Jed Lowrie, Jose Altuve, and Bud Norris.

AL Wildcard:  Rangers over Blue Jays
ALDS:  Tigers over Rays, Angels over Rangers
ALCS:  Angels over Tigers
AL MVP:  Evan Longoria
AL Cy Young:  Jered Weaver
AL ROY:  Dylan Bundy
Royals Record:  81-81

NL East

The Nationals are still the cream of the crop in this division (I think we all knew this day would come).  The Braves will be very good, especially with the Upton brothers.  If the Phillies can stay healthy, they could actually have a nice year.  Sorry Mets and Marlins fans, gonna be a long season.

Insane Division Pick:  Bryce Harper hits 40 HRs and people still hate his guts.

NL Central

The Reds proved that even without Joey Votto for a portion of the season that they were the best team in the division.  The Cardinals always seem to find a way to win, so I will not discount them.  The Brewers will most likely not start out as bad as last year.  I have very mixed feelings about the Pirates.  After the collapse of last season, I do not think they are nearly as good as that first half made them seem.  I also do not think they will be as bad as they were in the final few months.  If they can be consistent, they could contend again.  The Cubs are not there yet, but they seem to be making the right moves.

Insane Division Prediction:  The Cardinals trade Matt Adams (Philipsburg native!) and yet the Pirates are not a team that tries to acquire him.

NL West

I am pretty sure that everyone plays for the Dodgers.  With a full season to get together and become a team, I think they will do quite well.  The Giants will find a way to win.  The other three teams are a crapshoot.  Most likely not all that good.

NL Wildcard:  Braves over Giants
NLDS:  Reds over Braves, Nationals over Dodgers
NLCS:  Reds over Nationals
World Series:  Angels over Reds
NL MVP:  Joey Votto
NL Cy Young:  Stephen Strasburg
NL ROY:  Trevor Rosenthal
Pirates Record:  82-80, yes I am predicting the Pirates have a winning record.  Why not?  I can dream.  I do not know if I can endure more losing.

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