Dinner at the Phoenicia

On Saturday, I finally got the chance to fulfill a lifelong goal of mine.  Okay, not really a lifelong goal, but it was something I wanted to do since I started working in Altoona many years ago.  Lindsey and I went to dinner at The Phoenicia.  I am a huge fan of Mediterranean food, ever since my time in Jordan.

The place is awesome looking inside and would be very cool to have a large formal dinner.  The food was quite delicious, we started with an appetizer sampler, which included hummus, babaganouj, falafel, dolmades (which are grape leaves stuffed with something, they were disgusting), and spanakopita (a pastry stuffed with spinach).

Lindsey did not care for babaganouj, but I think that was a psychological decision.  The waiter explained that it would have a smoked taste and from that moment on, she was convinced it tasted weird.  Maybe next time we go there, I will have the waiter switch the hummus and babaganouj, she would love it…

I had a gyro for my dinner, which was quite good, but what I really want is the lamb kabob, but they are expensive.  So here is what I want:  another couple to go there with us and order the Phoenicia’s Feast, which is said to serve four people.

You get a little bit of everything and for $72, that is only $18 per person. Much more reasonable than some of the higher prices for the kabob meals.  Crazy that the lamb is the most expensive item on the menu, but that in Jordan, the lamb was the cheapest.

Please let me know if you would be interested in going there some time with Lindsey and me.

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  1. The feast sounds quite tasty, so count me in! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve been in or near Altoona for about 10 years.

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