Justified: Get Drew

The search for Drew Thompson finally came to an end with this episode.  If you are behind on this show, I guess this would be a spoiler or something.  Actually, we learned who Drew was last episode (or maybe two episodes ago when it was strongly hinted).  Turns out that Sheriff Shelby is Drew Thompson.  Let that sink in for a second or allow Art to say what you should be thinking…

-I wonder if when they introduced Shelby (which must have been why Bobby had to die on Supernatural) they knew where his story was going.  Remember, he was just the guy sitting there guarding the mine’s payroll when Boyd helped stop the robbery.  If I remember correctly, he was seen for an episode or two, I think he lied to help Boyd out with the police and then he was out of the picture.  Later, Boyd came to him with the idea of running for sheriff and being in Boyd’s pocket.

-We also finally learned why Arlo was keeping Drew’s identity secret.  He and Boyd’s dad kept quiet because the cocaine money helped stimulate the Harlan County economy.  It put food on people’s tables and presents under the tree.  I hope that Raylan can protect Shelby/Drew and they allow him to be a sheriff somewhere while in witness protection (obviously not going to happen).

-Does anyone else think that Rachel and Raylan will eventually sleep together?  I feel like she flirts with him, which some people think she does to make him uncomfortable.  I think she does it because she has a thing for him since he is like that mentor type, and he is uncomfortable since he sees her as a kid sister type of thing.

-I really hope Limehouse either comes back next season and has a bigger role, or that he has a bigger role the rest of this season.  He is such a scary man and I am always ready for him to cut someone’s head off.

-I hate that the writers decided to make Colton a junkie.  He started out as such a cool character and it was fun having him as a foible to Tim (and yes, I am excited for that showdown at some point), but I would rather see him as a crazy guy, who has no moral compass.

Next week should be exciting as Tonin’s men try to stop Raylan and the Marshalls from leaving Harlan County with Drew Thompson.  I am excited.