Justified: Outlaw

So many awesome things happened on last week’s episode of Justified.  It starts out with Raylan trying to give Arlo’s deal to the former sheriff (who tried to kill him).  The sheriff then tries to kill Arlo, but the old man is too smart for his would be assassins.  Unfortunately, the sheriff is a bit too tough and stabs Arlo with a pair of shears.  His final words to Raylan are “kiss my ass.”  What a son-of-a-bitch.

Raylan is told that he is off the case for a few days while he adjusts to his father’s death.  Clearly, Raylan is putting on a good front of not caring about Arlo.  Although, at the end of the episode, he takes a moment at the elevator and he seems to be upset.  This also means that on his free time, he will go after Drew Thompson.

While all this is going on, Boyd is also keeping himself busy.  Let me see what all he did:
-Uses Wynn Duffy’s hitman to kill the guy the Kentucky Trio wanted dead, then kills one of their friends as well.
-Invites Raylan to his wedding, and then watches as Raylan kills the hitman who realizes he was duped.
-Informs the Kentucky Trio that he is the outlaw and that they have no power over him.  Insists that the guy from Elaine’s mail room call his powerful friends (he discovers that their numbers have been disconnected.)
-He then tells those guys that he wants $300,000 and help getting a Dairy Queen franchise.  Boyd’s master plan…

Seriously, could Boyd be anymore awesome?  And could I be more excited for tonight’s episode?  Probably not is the answer to both questions.