More Ebay Map Fun

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Apparently the good people of Illinois like to buy my stuff.  Just zoom in to that state and see how many places I have shipped to in Illinois.  It is a bunch, I promise you.  Also, I have now shipped stuff to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  It is odd though, shipping to Hawaii is cheaper than shipping to Canada.  Someone wanted to buy my Game of Thrones books and they lived in Canada.  Only in Ontario, not like it was super far away compared to Hawaii.  It would have cost $50 to ship to Canada.

I had an interesting sale the other day.  I sold a book that I used for a class at Penn State.  This is nothing remarkable, but the comment the person left on my feedback made me chuckle:  “I have been waiting for this book for over two years, thank you!”

I get that no one would have had this on ebay, but seriously, the person should have been able to find the book somewhere else.  Okay, after a quick search, it turns out that there were no copies available and the only one on amazon was being sold for $1500.  Granted, I sold my copy for much less.  Like a shitload less, makes me feel kind of stupid.  Although, I sold it for what I paid for it, so I will not complain.  I guess the person’s comment was appropriate.

I also shipped something to someone in Fairfax, VA and thought about including a note to help Sean get a Sonic there.