So Tired…

There are definitely perks to being the boss.  I get to make my schedule (granted, there are parameters for said schedule), plus I can leave a little early on occasion if need be without having to beg for permission (to a certain extent).  These are not all of the perks, but I figured they are pertinent for this post.

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages is sometimes having no choice, but to stay a little longer than a normal person would like.  For example, today I worked a normal opening shift, meaning I had to be there at 5:30 a.m.  This means that I had to leave my place around 4:30 (I actually left at 4:10 so I could stop at Sheetz for some coffee) and wake up at 3:45 a.m.  Normally, I would be done at 3:00.  However, today I scheduled orientation for some new people and that was set up for 4:00 and it took a little over two hours.

I left around 6:40 and had to stop in Altoona at Boscovs since my tie chain broke and I absolutely cannot function without one.  I did not get home until almost 9:00 (I stopped to see Lindsey at work because I am a loving boyfriend).  It is now 10:30 and I am at a whole new level of tired/weird/giddy/incoherent…

I predict that in three minutes I will be asleeeeeeeedalb;oirarna;dlkan;ald ajf;owiejf;alskndv;ladsnv;skn;alkgh;lakdgn;lakdnb;aklfnba;lkndsg;lkashj;rewojqriknge;oira;nbdfknv ;xkfnv;zlxkdf;lasjf;lkhjre;ogiand;fobna;dofnba;lkdng;laksgjn;laskgn;aslgnas;ldk

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