Stupid Ancient Alien Stuff

I am sitting here this afternoon, watching old episodes of Ancient Aliens, mainly to make me laugh, but also because I have nothing else to do before work.  I then noticed a funny image that one of the morons used to explain how the Carnac Stones were made by aliens or something.  To be fair, I was only half paying attention, but he was saying that you can see all kinds of geometric patterns in the stones.

You hear this shit all the time when crazy people try to point out that aliens or Atlanteans made some great structures.  Here is a picture of the site.

As you can see, there are a lot of stones.  Therefore, a bunch of points to start finding geometric coincidences.  This next photo is the one that they showed on Ancient Aliens.

Weird.  That does not really look like the one above and to be fair, it does not really show all that much.  I mean, what is the actual point of it?  Here is one I did in 45 seconds.

That right triangle connecting those three stones are significant because they are the source of magical power.  The group of stones in the circle represent the five ancient mages who bestowed their knowledge upon the ancient Carnacians.  The yellow curved line is just a piece of thread I dropped onto the picture, weird how it connects a bunch of stones.  Maybe those stones magically attract yellow thread.

If you are watching one of these programs and you see a picture like this, you should probably assume that whatever they are trying to do is just made up nonsense.