The Big Boom

The other night while driving home from work, I decided to listen to some radio and lucked into a show about crazy people.  The show had on Linda Moulton Howe, who runs the fantastic website, which I mentioned before in regards to ancient aliens.

They were talking about these mysterious booms people were hearing and that sometimes they would see a flash of bright white light.  Does this sound vaguely familiar?  Granted, what all these people said was that there was no lightning storms in the area at the time, but something tells me that they were just mistaken.

Naturally, the first thing ol’ Linda assumes is some kind of top-secret super weapon and obviously she feels that it is connected to Tesla’s death ray that he claimed to have been able to build (although there was never any proof that he had any knowledge).  Also, she hinted that this could be some kind of alien presence as well.  OR IT COULD BE SOME FREAKIN’ LIGHTNING!