I have always thought people with allergies were being a bit dramatic.  I would hear them say things like “oh, the pollen level is horrible, I cannot be outside right now.”  I figured it was something like having a slight cold and they should just sneeze a few times and get over it.  I would like to take this moment to apologize to everyone with allergies.

I have developed them, or so I believe.  I thought I had a cold, but it did not go away, and as I realized that the cold seemed to get much worse as the weather got warmer.  When we arrived in Washington D.C. is when I realized what I was suffering.  I would not stop sneezing when we were outside, my eyes were slightly swollen, and my mucus was not discolored (I learned in biology that when you are sick the snot is either yellow or greenish, depending on whether it is viral or bacterial).

Lindsey has allergies and she kept telling me what my problem was, but I would not listen.  I also owe her an apology.  So my goal is to take some Allegra and hope that I feel a little better.  If not, I might need to see my doctor and find out what I am allergic to and if there is some form of treatment.

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    1. I probably deserve that. Don’t cry to me when you are running indoor due to a fear of dander or pollen, or whatever the hell I am allergic to…

      Josh Croyle, allergy free from 10/2/1980-4/13/2013

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