Dear Geoffrey Beene

I think I have mentioned this before on here, but allow me to say it again:  I love Geoffrey Beene dress shirts.  In fact, that is all I wear to work.  My favorite shirt is the one I bought for the cruise, which you can see in some of the pictures.  It is a dark orange and I wore it so many times that it started to actually fall apart around the sleeves.  I looked everywhere and have never been able to find the same shirt.

I decided to buy some new shirts from ebay and one of the ones I found was described as maroon.  I told Lindsey that I would pay just about anything if I could find that shirt.  I was tempted to send an email to Geoffrey himself (if he is an actual person), but the maroon shirt came today and much to my surprise:  it was the shirt!  Check it out:

I am now the happiest guy on the planet.  Unfortunately, I now need to find a tie to wear with it.  My original tie was pretty trashed and I threw it away.

The point of this post though, is to beg Geoffrey Beene to please introduce more of these shirts.  When I bought the original, there were other colors that seemed very autumn-like.

And yes, I highly recommend to anyone out there that buys dress shirts, try a Geoffrey Beene shirt.  They are so comfortable and actually very durable.  I have no problem spending the extra money because I know that they will last.