Fantasy Baseball Week One

So not a good start to the season, losing to Dustin 9-2.  I am not too worried at the moment though, figure my team is still pretty good and this week could be a bit of a fluke.  I hope anyway.  Things were pretty close week and at one point, I figured all I needed was a great weekend from my pitching to pull ahead…and then Sunday came and my ace pitchers decided to suck at life.  Most of my hitting vanished over the weekend as well.  Ugh.

My best hitter was probably Brandon Phillips, getting 6 R/1 HR/5 RBI/.333/.357.  That is a good line, but not a great sign when that is your best line.  My best pitcher was Alexi Ogando, who won his first start of the year without giving up any runs and striking out ten batters. 

At the moment, I feel like I have an abundance of pitching (even if the stats do not show it), if anyone is interested in a trade, feel free to send me a proposal.

This week I take on Offord.  He is right ahead of me in our division and hopefully I can score a big win and even things out.