Fantasy Baseball Week Three

A dominating performance by my team.  This win was exactly what I needed, it bumped me up to 5th place, but now I have a winning record (19-15-2) and I am only five games behind Ryan for first place and only 2.5 games behind the leader in our division, who I just happened to decimate this week, haha.

I made a pretty big trade this week with Offord, which I think will be beneficial for both of us.  I gave up Alexi Ogando, Jose Altuve, and Giancarlo Stanton for Mark Trumbo and Tommy Hanson.  I could not wait for Stanton to get healthy and start hitting, nor can I rely on the fact that he will even hit 30 HRs this year, since he is the only player on the Marlins.  I honestly did not want to lose Ogando, but Offord really wanted a starting pitcher.  I believe that if he would have asked for Matt Cain instead, I would have gone through with it without hesitation.  I am weird that way.

Trumbo ended up being my best hitter, despite not having him the entire week.  His line was 2/1/2/1/.417/.500 (I will always mention lines this way from now on, R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OBP or W/SV/K/HLD/ERA/WHIP).  Adam LaRoche also had a big week 4/1/4/0/.313/.450. 

My best pitcher was definitely Lance Lynn, the only 18-game winner that no one wanted.  His line:  2/0/12/3.00/1.17.  Thanks everyone else in the league for ignoring the guy.  My next best pitcher was definitely Jim Henderson (1/3/5/0/2.25/1.00).  Much better than John Axford. 

My pitching was very good and very balanced.  Imler’s pitching is also quite balanced and I was able to beat him in all categories, so I figure when I go against the folks who ignore holds or saves, I should be in good shape.  Ryan and Dustin are the only two pitching staffs who should give me a run for my money, the guy I take on this week has a decent one, but I am not overly concerned.

This week I take on Swing’nTheBigStick, who seems to have a different philosophy from me.  He is loaded with bench players and the bare minimum of pitchers.  I am the exact opposite.  I have one guy on my bench.  Weird.