Future Ancient Alien Artifact

I have a feeling that this artifact will end up on an episode of Ancient Aliens.  I can picture one of those people sitting there and saying how this is clearly not a depiction of a guy, but instead of an alien.

You can see the helmet and breathing tubes running to some kind of artificial breathing supply.  This was definitely one of the Anunaki!  And remember, the Anunaki came to Sumeria and this was found in that region.

Hey History Channel, if you need another crazy person to interview and just make up stuff, I could be that guy!

If you want to know all about this statue, head to this website and read all about it.  And yes, I am well aware that Sumeria is not an actual place, the proper phrasing should be Sumer.  The language is Sumerian.  And no, Saudi Arabia was not the same place.