Game of Thrones: And Now His Watch is Ended

The ending of the episode was so damn good.  The whole episode was very good, but I had to rewatch the last ten minutes with Daenerys three times so far tonight.  Allow me to recap:

-Daenerys brings her dragon to the slave master and trades for the Unsullied.  We all know what is about to happen, she is going to order the Unsullied to kill the slavers and destroy the city.  Fortunately, the show gives us a chance to see Emilia Clarke as a badass.  She played the scene so well, the audience was truly shocked when she spoke perfect Valyrian.

Everything about that entire scene was perfect.  The slave master being burnt alive by a dragon and the Unsullied turning on the slavers.  And then Daenerys giving them their freedom.  Hell, the way they started stomping their spears and the sound was very low when it was one or two, but louder as they all joined in was perfect too.  I even loved the music at the end.

That said, I honestly hope they go a different route with Daenerys Stormborn than where the books went.  I truly believe this season will follow the third book, but at that point, they will probably veer away.

-Jaime did not have a good time.  He ended up drinking horse piss and then got the shit beat out of him for trying to fight back.  He and Brienne had a nice bonding moment, where she figures out that he saved her from the multiple rapes that were about to happen and she tells him to stop whining and sounding like a “bloody woman.”

-I actually felt bad for Theon.  His speech about his real father dying at King’s Landing was pretty touching, especially when he admits that he murdered the orphan boys.  Allow us to meet Ramsay Snow, the biggest psychopath on the show.

-The scene with Tywin and Cersei was also incredible.  Does Tywin actually like any of his children?  He puts Cersei in her place and reminds us all why he is a badass.  He asks her to contribute and then he tears her ideas to shreds.  I cannot wait for the moment when Tywin decides to go against Joffrey.

So if you have not read the books, nor want the rest of the season ruined, this is the part where you should stop reading.  Seriously, these are major SPOILERS.  Okay, you have been warned.

The show has done such a great job of making characters actually interesting who were never that.  When Robb was murdered in the book, it was shocking, but mainly because we wanted to see that war between him and Joffrey.  Now though, he is an interesting character, he seems to be a better tactician than anyone thought (he relied heavily on his advisers in the book, especially the Black Fish).

I believe everyone was happy to see Joffrey die in the book, and I am sure it will be great to see him die on the show as well, but he is such a great villain that it will almost be a shame to see him go.  The same goes for Margaery, there was nothing interesting about her in the book, yet now she is a manipulative adversary to Cersei.

Tywin never seemed to have much depth in the book, always an asshole who we hated.  However, this Tywin is amazing.  He is the smartest man in the room, more so than Tyrion, Cersei, and all the rest.  I will be sad when all these characters die, which is a testament to how good the actors and writers of this show are.

I have a feeling that next week I will be posting a bunch of pictures of The Hound versus Beric Dondarrion.  I cannot wait!