Game of Thrones: Walk of Punishment

There are times during this show that I am actually shocked when something happens.  For example, I knew that Jaime would lose his hand at some point, but I honestly could not remember when it happened in the book.  I also had some doubts about whether or not they would cut his hand off in the show.  Not to spoil anything for anyone, but Rick lost a hand in The Walking Dead and it seems like this show has no problem straying from the book if needed.

And then the drama built and it happened and I was happy that the show made the scene so powerful.  I am sure that everyone who read the book jumped when that hand was severed.  That is the sign of great television show.

Oh and there was also the great scene of Podrick and his excellent lady pleasing ways.  If Jaime had not lost his hand, the part where Pod returns Tyrion’s gold would have been my favorite.

And is everyone else so pumped to find out what Daenerys will do next now that she has an army of Unsullied?  Again, this could be another one of those things that pays off much better on television than in a book.