Meet Joe Black

I recently sat and watched the film Meet Joe Black, which has probably the greatest hit-by-car scene of all time.  C’mon, not one, but two cars!

I do enjoy this movie for some reason, I guess the whole Death taking a vacation thing makes me laugh a bit.  I realized though that there are some odd things in the movie, especially at the end.

-When Joe and Susan finally have sex, does anyone notice the funny faces Brad Pitt makes?  I wonder if this was the headline in the paper the next day:

-Death leaves and takes Bill with him, he decides to give Susan a gift by returning the guy back to the body he has been using.  You know, the guy who got hit by the cars and died.

-Speaking of that guy, do you think the police are going to have a few questions for him?  People saw Joe Black leaving the party with Bill.  If Bill winds up dead, most people will think Joe Black was somehow involved.  Or did anyone else get the idea that Joe took Bill, so where did his body go?  Yeah, the authorities will have a field day with that poor sap!

-What if it turns out that this new guy gets to know Susan and thinks she is a bit of a bitch?  Or what if she realizes he is a complete dick?  Death’s plan and gift does not seem all that thought out.

-I wonder if Parrish Communications stocks will plummet when Bill is found murdered or reported missing.  Or once people hear that the IRS was involved in a sting operation, I feel like that would definitely be bad for business.

Anyways, it is not a terrible movie, but definitely has a few slight plot holes.