Pirates vs Cardinals

This was our opening day since we could not make it to the actual one this year.  Lindsey and I left around noon and checked into our hotel room at the Wyndham Grand Downtown around 2:00.  We then took a walk around the downtown area and checked out a few things.  We decided to cross the bridge and get some food and drink around 4:00.

There were no tables outside at the place we usually go, Finnigan’s (or whatever it is called), so we decided to try the new place, BZ’s Bar and Grille.  The girl told us that happy hour started at five and that there would be half-price appetizers and something something about draft beer (I zoned out).  We got a round of beers and ordered some Caesar Salads.  They were freakin’ delicious (salads, the beer was pretty good too).

Blueberry Ale…

Once happy hour arrived, we ordered some more beers and had the spinach artichoke dip, which was pretty good, but not very big.  I would have been annoyed had we paid full price.  Lindsey decided to try some different beers.  I think she started with IC Lite Mango, then had some apple thing, it tasted like apple juice.  Her third beer was Bluepoint Blueberry Ale…it was absolutely terrible, but she drank it like a champion.  I decided to stick with Miller Lite, I honestly hate trying new beers.

Our seats were on the third base line and I am pretty sure they were the same ones we got from The Place That Shall Not Be Named for the Red Sox game.  The place was empty and it is pretty evident by the next few pictures.  I heard there were over 10,000 people there, but I would love to know the real number (I think those numbers reflect tickets sold, not the actual number of people inside, but I could be wrong).

After the Pirates got through the fourth inning, I started to hope we would get to see a no-hitter.  Once AJ got out of the fifth inning, I explained to Lindsey why people were clapping and what was going on.  I was careful not to mention no-hitter (I do not believe in a jinx, but I did not want anyone around us to get all pissy).

Unfortunately, in the 7th inning, Carlos Beltran smacked a double and the no-hitter was over.  AJ got out of the inning and then the Pirates relievers came in and they too did not give up a hit.  The Buccos also scored some runs and they ended up defeating the Cardinals 5-0.  Could not have asked for a better game.

Cutch On-Deck!

I also got to see Philipsburg native Matt Adams in a major league game.  He actually hit the ball pretty hard in his at-bats against Burnett, but fortunately they went right to someone each time.  I thought for sure that if he came up against Burnett again, he would probably put one out.

Lindsey and I found out that Jason Bay and Santonio Holmes were at this game and sitting two rows ahead of us!

Once the game ended, we left the ballpark and walked over to Olive or Twist.  Lindsey ordered a mixed drink, which she ordered last time we were there and she did not really like.  She said that it tastes bad the first few drinks, but after awhile it gets better.  Does this seem like the most idiotic way to drink something?  We also ordered some food.  I am pretty sure that Lindsey was drunk after her one drink.  I will let everyone else be the judge.

We stayed there for a bit, had a couple drinks then made our way back to the hotel.  I want to point out that the downstairs restroom at the Wyndham must have listened to George Costanza and extended the stall door all the way to the floor, pretty awesome.

Speaking of stall doors, the restroom at BZ’s had some super-thick stall doors.  Yes, I spend way too much time going to pee.  If the zombie apocalypse ever happens and I need to piss, I will swing by BZ’s for a quick beer and the safest stall ever.

That is all for this part of the trip, stay tuned for our shopping adventure!