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How much does this home cost?

Since last year, when we started looking at houses, we now constantly wonder how much different houses cost or the price of certain areas.  For example, while in DC, we were curious about how much her aunt and uncle’s house would be if for sell.  I started looking at some real estate guides for that area and then for a few other areas.  Wow.  I am glad we live where we do.

After a little research, I discovered the Zillow Home Index, which if you want an explanation, go to their site and read how they come up with these numbers, but I figure they are a good tool for a fun comparison.  I made these charts on the site and used a three bedroom house as the comparison.

US Zillow Home Value Index

New York City and Washington D.C. are super expensive places.  How does the state of Pennsylvania look?

Pennsylvania Zillow Home Value Index

State College is more expensive than the Philadelphia area?  That explains so much.  Unfortunately the Johnstown area does not have any data, but the Altoona area does and to no ones surprise, that market is one of the lowest.  I guess there is some good news for the Pittsburgh market, that has been growing over the past ten years.


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    1. I looked at one real estate site and found houses for 350K in the New York area, I have no idea what zillow considers NYC, the entire metropolitan area most likely. Granted, those $350,000 homes would only cost $80,000 in Altoona, that much was evident.

  1. I hate the prices of homes in the DC area. I could probably buy a mansion in Pittsburgh for the same price as a condo here.

    1. The argument I always here is that “but the jobs pay more in those areas” and that is true to an extant, but nowhere near enough to afford those kind of housing rates. A $50,000/year job in pittsburgh does pay $200,000 in DC, yet a $100,000 pittsburgh home, costs $400,000 there…weird.

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