The Homes of Summerhill/New Germany

It seems that there are two types of house in our area:  super nice or super shitty.  Lindsey and I like driving around looking at some of the large homes and fantasizing about living in them.  Okay, maybe I do that more than she does, but whatever.  When we first moved here, I joked that all the houses had three car garages, and after awhile, we realized this is mostly true.  Anyways, here are a few of the houses in the area, not all of them though, we could not get pictures of a few since they are pretty far off the road.

It appears that a three car garage was not enough for this house, they had to build another garage, which I believe holds a car and maybe a tractor or something.  And sadly, they could not park inside so I could take the picture.

This house is our neighbor and from what I understand they have an indoor swimming pool.  They obviously like their privacy, so I did not venture through the woods to get a better picture.

These people must be poor, they only have a two car garage.

This house is not special, but the owner has a practice green in his yard.  I find that to be interesting.

I love this one, the large porch and well done landscaping make it almost perfect.  And hey look, four car garage.

Sorry, this was all the closer I could get to this one.  Looks pretty big though.

Yep, they have a four car garage.  Actually, this house is not all that nice compared to some, but I took the picture to show the garage.

I am tempted to buy the lot that is for sale by this huge house.  At some point, I will have the means to build a house, right?

This house is probably one of my favorites in the area.  It is a huge house and the brickwork is so nice.

This is an old house, but I find it interesting.  Very flat and straight.

This is a new house that is just about complete.  Very nice.  The back of the house has a large deck.  I am excited to see what kind of landscaping they do with the yard.  Also, if you have the money to build a big house like this, do not skimp on the driveway:  get it paved.

And yet again, the two car garage was not enough, so they built another one.  Also, the house is pretty nice itself.

Do not worry, there are plenty more, but I need to take pictures of them.