Vacation Wrap-Up

What else did we do for our vacation since returning from the day of shopping?  Also, there are plenty of things we did that I may have not mentioned or just forgot about.  These are not in any kind of order, so deal with it.

-Friday night we had dinner at Longhorn in Altoona.  It was my first time eating there and my Filet was absolutely delicious.  Adam, Lora, and Aubrey joined us and it was a great time.  For some reason Aubrey was fascinated with the sidewalk outside of the restaurant.

-We have had terrible service pretty much the entire time we have been on vacation.  The lady at Longhorn was pretty lame.  She did not seem to be interested in waiting on us and made all of us feel like we were being a nuisance.

We went to a place on Saturday in Pittsburgh that is owned by our employer, so I will not name it, but the girl did not remember our drinks, she forgot to ask how a member of our party wanted his burger cooked (the manager was angry about that), forgot our appetizer, never brought refills, and just seemed completely ditzy.

Our server at Smokey Bones never came around.  The ones at Magnolias and Espositos were actually pretty good, but that was about it.  I was a server, so I can almost always sympathize, but at other times, I cannot excuse certain things.  Inattentiveness or rudeness is unacceptable.

-I try to believe that the majority of people are not idiots.  I think most people can do basic math, right?  Maybe not.  While shopping, Lindsey used cash to pay for everything.  At one store, her stuff came to $39.80 and she gave the girl $40.  The clerk looked perplexed, hit a button on the register and the drawer popped open.  Unfortunately, the register did not show how much change to give back and the girl pulled out a calculator and punched it in.

I would shrug this off and assume it was a freak occurrence, but it happened two more times.  The next time was when I bought my ties, the guy was having trouble figuring out the change and I had to tell him.  Then, at the Pirate game, I gave the lady a $20 for something that cost $15.75.  She put the money in the drawer, then gave me back $15.75.  I looked at her in disbelief and then gave her the money back minus what she actually owed me.  I guess I am just an honest person.

-Speaking of stupidity, I had my own moment.  When checking out of the hotel, I asked Lindsey if she had her car keys.  She said no, and I got annoyed and said “okay, seriously, I do not have them so are you just kidding, or do you really not have them?”  This was like two minutes after I called down to have the valet bring our car around.  Wow.

-I found an outfit that I want to buy and wear to a wedding we have to go to this summer.  What does everyone think about this?

I want to wear a jacket and pants, but not really a suit.  Or if I wear one of my suits, maybe I will wear a plain shirt underneath, no tie or anything.  We will cross that bridge closer to the day though.

-We went to Pirates/Braves game on Saturday night, but it was way too cold for me to take any pictures.  Sorry, I know everyone enjoys my awesome game photography.  We did get a pretty sweet Andrew McCutchen bobblehead.  Also, seeing the Buccos beat the Braves was a great thing.

-Lindsey forced me to go to a store in Altoona called The Hobby Lobby.  It is like Michaels, but more Christian.  I am not kidding about this.  They are closed on Sunday so employees can worship and there are a ton of signs and whatnot for sale that have a religious tone to them.

For example, there was this piece of decoration that made me giggle.  It reminded me of all those great church signs you see with their funny messages.  I almost bought it for my brother.

-Lindsey and I took a little walk into the woods near our apartment because I saw what looked like a ribcage.  I figured it was an animal, but I wanted to make sure no one had died over the winter and buried in the snow or anything.

Lindsey is always shocked that I actually know stuff about the outdoors.  I spent a good bit of time out with my dad in the woods hunting and fishing.

This ribcage was easily identified as a deer and it looked as if a scavenger had ripped apart some of it since one of the legs was about fifteen feet away.

I told Lindsey that it was probably a coyote, but she believes it to be a grizzly bear.  She saw a bear (or at least she thought it was a bear) and she believes that the one she saw was too large and was definitely not black, so she immediately concluded it must be a grizzly.  Cannot argue with that logic.
-Remember how I want some new hoodies?  Well here is the one that I want someone to buy me.  Size large

Vacation is coming to an end.  We both go back to work tomorrow.  That means I have to shave, which is always a horrible moment, although Lindsey will probably be happy.