After the Subway Shootout…

This is something new I plan on doing every so often.  I will take a movie and write about where they are nowadays.  No, not the actual actors, but the characters.  My blog, my idiotic ideas.
This is one of those movies that just ends.  Max kills Vincent on the subway and leaves with Annie as a new day begins.  I have always wondered what happened with them.  Did Max and Annie hook up?  What about the case she was working on?  Did Vincent work for someone and how pissed were they?  So many questions…and now, it is time to find out!

Since he saved a Justice Department prosecutor, he was able to finally gain some confidence.  He started his limo company and it became wildly successful.  He also started dating Annie, but it did not work out since his new confidence made him more of an ass that she did not like.

His company expanded to multiple cities and he is now one of the richest men in America.  He was able to tell the world his story a few later in a biography that ended up being turned into a movie.  The movie starred Will Smith and was critically panned for being too over-the-top.

She ended up being quite successful after putting Felix away (more on him in a moment).  She moved up the ranks at the Justice Department and eventually became the Deputy Attorney General.  There have been talks of her maybe running for governor of the state of New Hampshire, where she now resides.

Once she and Max broke up, she started dating a defense attorney.  They dated for ten years, but never got married.  He died in a car accident that some believe may not have been accidental.  There was never any proof that it was Felix and his cartel buddies though.

Felix Reyes-Torrena
He was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years in prison.  After a few years though, he escaped during a prison transfer and moved to Colombia.  He continues to run one of the largest drug organizations in the world.  He swears to this day that he will see Annie’s head on a pike.

Ida (Max’s Mom)
She died two years after the events of that night.  Max did not visit her all that often anymore with his new business.  She would probably claim to have died of a broken heart, but it was actually diabetes.  Max bought a nice plot for her at the cemetery with a giant monument.

Vincent stayed dead.  Do not worry, he did not rise from the grave to try and kill anyone.  However, he was not some freelancer.  He worked for a group of assassins and was also in league with a guy who was known as an exceptional transporter.

This group of assassins has been helping to restore balance and order throughout the world for thousands of years.  They had recruited Vincent six years prior to his death.  He had started out as a Delta Force guy, actually trained with a guy who would later go on to head up a counter-terrorism unit in L.A.

This group was very disappointed to find out that Max killed one of their better agents, but deemed him not worthy of their attention.  They would later regret that decision as Max would grow in power.  They decided to kill Max many years later because he was making inquiries into them.

As Max became older, he became obsessed with where Vincent came from and who employed him.  When he discovered his real name and military records, the Order became scared and decided to send one of their top assassins to kill him.  The man was able to make bullets bend through space and penetrate Max’s almost impenetrable fortress.  Max died from a bullet to the head.