America Unearthed

Does anyone watch America Unearthed on History Channel?  The host is Scott Wolter and he believes that the Templars fled to America and buried their treasure all over the place.  Every episode is the same:  he goes to some place, finds a few “symbols” and claims they are tied to the Templars.  Also, he likes to say “oh shit” or “holy shit” often.

It is not a very good show, but it has surpassed Ancient Aliens since that show has now just begun to regurgitate their old stuff and pretend like it is something new. I think the last episode of AA had them all discussing how brilliant Erich von Däniken is.  Yep that is pretty much the point where your show has flew off the proverbial rails.  And yes, I realize I am saying this about a show that believes everything is due to aliens.

If you do watch the show, please research any of the things Wolter claims to discover.  Most of the things have been proven to be hoaxes.  Others are just wild speculation.  He is another person who has a theory and decides to take any evidence he finds and mold it so that it fits his theory.  Not proper science.  If you want to be entertained, read this post and then read the comments.