Crossroads of Twilight

Back when I wrote about Winter’s Heart, Greg commented that WH was the last good book from Jordan and the series sucks until Sanderson takes over.  I wondered if we would actually differ in this since we enjoy different things about fantasy novels.

I have been reading Crossroads of Twilight since I finished Red Country back in November.  Yep, it took me six months to read.  I hate to say it, but the book was absolutely terrible.  I could barely get into it.  I am taking a break from the Wheel of Time for awhile.  I need to read some other stuff before  I try to struggle through the next book.

Oh, should I mention any of the stuff that happened?  There was way too many characters.  I could not remember who anyone was at pretty much any point.  And I do not think any of the stories actually progressed.  Perrin’s wife is still gone, the Aes Sedai are still split, Elayne is still not the Queen of Andor.  The only interesting story was Mat, who is courting the Daughter of the Nine Moons and it seems like she may be interested.

Also, it seems like everyone is making deals with the Seanchan.  Rand has secured a treaty with them.  It’s a TRAP!  Perrin might work with them to save Faile, and Mat is going to save the day with them by marrying the heir.

Hopefully the next book is a little better…

3 thoughts on “Crossroads of Twilight

    1. I am taking a break from these books. Heading back to Shannara for a book, can never go wrong with one of those. Nothing my mind blowing, but consistent.

  1. I agree completely about Shannara. They’re not amazing, but they’re good reads. You should be glad to know that the next Wheel of Time book is the first Sanderson one, and the series only improves from here.

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