Fantasy Baseball Week Five

Suck it Ryan!  Build your dynasty somewhere else.  And do not make excuses, Roy Halladay would not have saved you from my dominance (this absolutely means that I will get destroyed next week).  I wish that I could have picked up a hold, just so I could have made it 10-2.

I cannot even decide who was my best player, so instead, I will just post a picture of my entire hitters.  I decided to give up on Morales and Hosmer and picked up Nate McLouth and Garrett Jones.  I moved Trumbo to first base and decided to use Jones on the bench, probably be good for away games and against right-handed pitchers.

Trumbo hit five home runs this week, so that was pretty damn amazing.  Jose Bautista did not hit a home run, but he did hit for a .313 average and picked up a stolen base.  Sandoval and Posey decided to have a good week together.  Thanks guys!  Seriously, I am taking all of my guys out for drinks.  Even McLouth with his .167 average and yet three runs, one home run, and a stolen base.  He at least makes his hits count. 

My pitching was not nearly as good as it had been in the past, but it was still pretty good.  Matt Cain and Yovani Gallardo decided to show up this week.  Lance Lynn continued to be dominant and my relievers had a bit of a let down week, but I will not punish them too much.  Minus Kelvin Herrera, I dropped his ass and picked up Drew Smyly. 

I am now in second place with a 33-23-4 record and I take on Pat, who is in last place.  I should beat him pretty handily, but anytime I think that is when things go terribly wrong.  Hey Ryan, how does fourth place feel?